Molly Lee
Earl Blumenauer
  • Cut each rectangular mask pattern along the black dashed lines. 

  • Pin top and bottom edges together with right sides together. Stitch the top seam along the blue dashed stitch line, leaving about a 3" gap in the middle. This will create a space to turn the mask inside out (and, on the finished mask, provides a way to slip an additional filter into your mask)

  • Press the seam open. Make sure that the "In Our America" flag appears whole on the front (the white bar on top is intentionally wider than the white bar on the bottom). On the back, the blue back color should be centered (with a sliver of white showing top and bottom). 

  • Pin the elastic into the corners facing to the inside of the mask, with a 7" elastic pinned to the right side top and bottom corners, and another 7" elastic for the left side. The elastic will bunch the fabric up a little bit.

  • Sew left and right sides up (you'll be sewing along the blue dashed line or the edges of the lighter blue rectangle), back stitching the corners to ensure that the elastic is firmly held in place. Be mindful to keep the elastic out of the way. 

  • Turn mask right side out. Press. Don't melt the elastic by ironing it!

  • Optional, if using a pipe cleaner/metal strip for the bridge of your nose: Encase the pipe cleaner in a channel by sewing along three sides to the top of the mask. 

  • Press and pin pleats into the mask as shown. The pleats should "hide" the vote message and the "In Our America" flag will look complete.

  • Sew side edges.

  • Wear with pride! And show your creation off on social media with #InOurAmericaMask!