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NWGSD Celebrates Pride with Rainbow "In Our America" Merchandise

Nasty Women Get Shit Done are offering a rainbow version of the In Our America bumper stickers, mini-stickers, pins, postcards, yard signs, and t-shirts to celebrate Pride this month! Proceeds will be donated to SAGE Metro PDX fund programs for local LGBT elders.

The merchandise has been sold online and yard signs and bumper stickers are available at some Portland shops:

Nasty Women at the 2019 Friendly House Pride Celebration

NWGSD board members Kirsten Hunter (Vice-President), Molly Lee (Web Director), and Jane Elliot (Special Projects Director) were invited to the Friendly House 2019 Pride Party to introduce the community to this colorful version of the In Our America merchandise.

Our table generated a lot of interest because many people were already familiar with the In Our America flag and were jazzed about the version to celebrate Pride. They loved that the proceeds would be going to benefit the elder community.

Many people purchased t-shirts with the intent to wear them to the Pride parade, but, unfortunately, quantities were limited. We have since restocked and there are two times/places you can buy one before Sunday!

  • Thursday (6/13) at our weekly Postcard Party at Oregon Public House (800 NE Dekum) from 5-7 pm.

  • Saturday (6/15) we will have a "pop up shop" at Citizen Ruth (3070 SE Division St) from 2-5 pm.

As usual, our organization’s name generated a lot of fun encounters. One person asked, “What’s the name of the group?” Kirsten answered very clearly, “Nasty Women Get Shit Done.” With a hand cupped at their ear, they responded, “What was that again?” We said again, “Nasty Women Get Shit Done.” They replied with a chuckle, “That’s what I THOUGHT you said!”

We are excited to be able to support the LGBTQ community with this multi-hued edition of merchandise — quantities are limted, however, so don’t delay if you are interested in getting your own and supporting SAGE Metro PDX!

Get your own:

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