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Nasty Women Get Shit Done Gets a Makeover

Nasty Women Get Shit Done (NWGSD.ORG) is thrilled to unveil our new logo!

Nasty Women Get Shit Done

As we look forward to the fight ahead of us in 2020, we felt it was time for a bold, updated logo. We wanted an image that would resonate more deeply with our mission and take us into our next stage.

From the beginning, NWGSD has always tried to be a positive light in the world. The Sunday after the 2016 elections, we brainstormed ways to make the next four years bearable, and the “In Our America” (IOA) flag was born:

In Our America

Since then, the IOA graphic has become an image of hope and resistance. Anyone who displays the “In Our America” flag is affirming a version of America that they refuse to give up on.

The new NWGSD logo is meant to provide a guiding light in a similar way. By invoking the image of a torch held aloft, we aspire to be a beacon of light and hope to encourage effective action to lead us all out of these troubled times.

Lady Liberty (who could be called the original Nasty Woman) has been inviting “your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” into our country for centuries, embodying our value that “Immigrants & Refugees are Welcome.”

The broken shackles at her feet hint at her original meaning -- to honor the abolition of slavery.

Together, our new logo and “In Our America” flag work in unison, harmonizing colors, purpose, and symbolism.

Nasty Women Get Shit Done were delighted when Kimberly Parks of Andioma Creative Agency, offered us her skills for this project. Kimberly encapsulated our values in a bold and progressive new direction.

Thank you, Kimberly!

And thank you to all of the Nasty Women who have been part of this fight!

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