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Celebrating Pride the Nasty Way!

NWGSD making a donation to SAGE
Left to right: Brenda Culhane (SAGE Metro Portland Volunteer), Monique Eldridge (FH Director of Development), Ali King (NWGSD President and Co-founder), Ryan Fosmark (FH Development Project Manager), Molly Lee (NWGSD, Web Director), Vaune Albanese (ED, FH), Helen Leong (Co-Director, FH Community Services), Max Micozzi (SAGE Metro Portland, Project Manager) and Jane Elliot (NWGSD, Special Projects Coordinator)

Earlier this year, Nasty Women Get Shit Done decided to celebrate Pride month with a rainbow-hued version of our “In Our America” merchandise.

Our goal? To raise money to support Friendly House’s SAGE Metro Portland program, which works to enhance the lives of LGBT seniors in the Portland metro area.

Through sales on our website and merchandise offered at selected volunteer shops in the Portland area, NWGSD are thrilled to have raised $5,000 from sales of our rainbow merchandise through May and June!

Much of SAGE Metro Portland’s work is focused on raising awareness and educating mainstream senior service providers about the specific needs and diverse cultures of the rapidly increasing population of LGBT seniors in the Portland metro area. Through their process of training and designating LGBT-Friendly Housing Partners, they ensure that older LGBT folks are treated with equity and dignity in this most essential facet of their lives.

Additionally, they function as a direct service hub for their clients and their caregivers.

Take their client, Loraine, for example, who moved to Portland to take care of her ill brother. She suffers from a chronic condition that prevents her from socializing with people outside of a very close circle of family and friends. After her brother passed away, she was fighting isolation and having difficulty adjusting to life on her own. SAGE connected her with a Friendly Visitor, a volunteer selected from Friendly House’s thoroughly vetted pool of individuals who are matched with SAGE Metro Portland clients in need of human interaction or just help around the house. The in-home services they were able to provide, combined with the camaraderie of her Friendly Visitor, brought Loraine much-needed relief from isolation and suffering.

Nasty Women are proud to have been able to help SAGE with our donation to this important work!

Find out more about SAGE Metro Portland (and find a link to donate):

NWGSD's next fundraiser is to support the work of Pueblo Unido PDX with our Spanish language “In Our America” merchandise; “En Nuestra América.” Look for it soon!

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