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Hot Mics and Cool Activists Video Media Training

For the past few years, as I met new activists I asked if there are candidates they support or issues that are important to them. Although not everyone identifies with specific candidates they all have issues they’re engaged with and are passionate about. Every person has a mission and a message. Each time someone told me their story we connected. With every story I gained a new understanding about a wide array of issues. I learned what motivates people like me to step out of their comfort zone and advocate for change.

Teresa Hill

In 2018 when I meet activists, the discussion inevitably touches on ways to share our stories. For me, part of the answer is in the palm of my hand. My smart phone is amazing! It’s a miniature movie camera; I can live stream events directly to friends; I can talk to individuals or large groups of people, I can publish articles in print. It’s like a tiny personal news broadcasting station and I carry it with me every place, every day. I have the grassroots equivalent of a subscriber/viewer base too (followers).

Harnessing the power of my smart phone to record and broadcast video, I can share my story with one person, or with my entire network of followers, and you can too. What’s that? Did you just think, “OMG I can’t go on camera and broadcast it online!”

What’s holding you back? You talk to people and post still pictures online every day. What’s keeping you from using video to share your story? You always get your thumb in the shot? You have a million pictures of your feet? You freeze up when you know the camera is rolling? All those things happen to me too. (I even forget to hit the record button sometimes.) It’s ok, we’re the grassroots and we don’t let perfect stand in the way of getting things done.

If you’re ready to get started, or just want to know more, join us for the Hot Mics and Cool Activists video media workshop on Sunday, July 29. It’s a three-hour introduction into delivering your message through video. We'll do a quick overview of tech, skills, and techniques interspersed with time in front of the camera. This is a beginner level workshop. We expect goofs, gaffs and giggles, so don’t be afraid to dive on in! (Nothing we shoot will be shared or posted without your permission.) We’ll be at the Cedar Mill Community Library 12505 NW Cornell Rd, Ste 13, Portland, OR 97229, from 1-4:00 p.m.

One final note: Since we’ll be working in front of a green screen, please avoid wearing green (unless you want your clothing to disappear like magic - funny, but not terribly useful in most situations).

Pre-registration requested, but not required:

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