• Molly Lee

Your Most Powerful Tool to Inspire Voting

Did you know that you already possess an incredibly powerful tool to inspire your network to vote in the Midterm elections on November 6, 2018? Your personal stories. You have the greatest influence over those who already know, trust, and love you.

The Midterm Squad’s Messaging Team has launched its signature project, the #CitizenStoryteller Challenge. Through storytelling, you can share your values, activate empathy, inspire action, and build bridges where there are walls. This is not about trying to change people's political positions or arguing about issues. It’s about inspiring our networks to participate in democracy and vote.

It's easy and fun to take the #CitizenStoryteller Challenge! To join, sign up for our Building the Wave Newsletter. We'll email you a weekly prompt, then you choose how you want to participate. It could be a Facebook post, a conversation with a neighbor or community group, or a phone call to a friend. You’re welcome to download and post this image to help spread the word!

Once you’ve shared your story, challenge your friends and family to share their stories! Let’s see what a nationwide wave of personal stories can do!

Take the #CitizenStoryteller Challenge now. Sign up for the Building The Wave newsletter here: A new prompt goes out next week!


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