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Party with a Purpose

Last weekend, I co-hosted a party with a friend at my house. I made a delicious sangria with my favorite local beverage, I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen in a few months, and I met some great new people. We all crowded into the kitchen and chatted for hours. We had so much fun I didn’t even get one picture - the only one I have is of the food before everyone arrived.

Oh, and the food! It was glorious. My co-host’s wife made a fabulous mezze platter, perfectly spiced nuts, fun Hawaiian butter mochi and purple sweet potato bites! I love to entertain, and this was one of the best parties I’ve had, thanks to my foodie co-hosts.

Oh, and did I mention we raised almost $400 for Kate Brown?

If you had told me a year ago I would be holding a fundraiser for a political candidate in my home, I would have laughed, or possibly cried. The thought of asking friends for money and putting myself “out there” was foreign and scary. But then I met a very cool librarian named Diana, who was holding small, informal cocktail parties at her home for friends to raise money for various nonprofits and progressive organizations. She invited me to co-host with her at one of the parties, and it was fun! I made some food, met some people, and realized it wasn’t scary at all. I co-hosted with Diana again, and then decided to have my own party.

My co-host and her wife made most of the food, and I provided the drinks and the space. We each invited our friends. We made it clear on the invitation this was a fundraiser for Kate Brown, and gave a suggested donation amount. It was easy to donate with the dedicated Midterm Squad ActBlue link up on a laptop and printed check forms when guests came in the door. Everyone who attended was excited to be part of the Blue Wave that’s coming in November, and honored to be asked to our party. It felt like we were doing something important, while having fun.

If you’re not excited about fundraising for a political candidate, it’s easy to pick a nonprofit and give to that instead. It’s even easier for people to give - just leave a jar at the door with the suggested donation amount and people can drop in cash.

Holding a fundraising party does not have to be a big deal. Do something you would normally do with friends - have a cocktail party, host a brunch, invite people over for barbecue and beer. Then just add the donation part, and make it easy. I promise people won’t be offended, and most will jump at the chance to be part of something, and give to a cause that’s important to you. If I can do it, you can too!

#StormtheMidterms #fundraising

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