• Molly Lee

Matching Campaign For Rose Haven

NWGSD has been supporting Rose Haven day shelter for women and children as a group for the past nine months, beginning in August with the Back to School Underwear Drive started by Bonnet , and at two of our monthly meetings with donations of toiletries and essentials.

Rose Haven is a sanctuary from the street, offering compassion, practical assistance and community to women and children facing loss of home, abuse and other disruptive life experiences in Portland. With a staff of 7.5, Rose Haven is truly phenomenal in providing services and support to over 3000 guests per year.

It takes $189 to support a woman for one year.

Now we’d like to step it up. NWGSD is offering a matching campaign to support 20 women. Please come together and donate to help raise $1890 with the Nasty community, and we will match that donation with an additional $1890. Together we can help Rose Haven support 20 women for a year. Be sure to add a note in the comments box that you're part of the NWGSD matching campaign.


Some of the services that Rose Haven provides their shelter guests:

Thank You!!!

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