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March for Our Lives

Under cloudy skies, Nasty Women Get Shit Done (NWGSD) and Persisters PDX and joined thousands of other concerned young people and citizens to protest gun violence and demand solutions from Congress at Portland’s March for Our Lives.

The student-led protest, conceived of by high school-aged survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, FL, included more than 450 sister marches throughout the U.S. (and more globally).

We didn’t march alone. We marched with the rallying cry of STORM THE MIDTERMS, hundreds of paper crowns and a huge tie-dyed blue wave named Stormy.

That Day

At the start of the march, we were joined by Congressman Earl Blumenauer, who spoke of his support for our goals. He also proudly showed off his “F” grade from the NRA.

After donning Storm the Midterms crowns, we joined other protesters to march to Pioneer Courthouse Square. Young people carried our banner and big blue wave. Along the route, Stormy received cheers of approval and we stopped many times for photographs and selfies.

As we marched, we chanted:

Storm the midterms!

Rock the boat!

In November,

vote, vote, VOTE!

Our volunteers handed out Pledge to Vote cards and voter registration forms to encourage voter turnout, fanning out and talking to students during and after the march.


Nasty Women Get Shit Done and Persisters PDX joined forces to form a grassroots action team focused on electing a wave of change in the November 2018 midterm elections. Our rallying cry: Storm the Midterms!

We marched to amplify the message from March for Our Lives organizers of the importance of getting out the vote, to elect lawmakers not in the pocket of the NRA.

Stormy, the Big Blue Wave

Marching with the group was a nine foot tall blue wave that was held aloft by eight students.

Dubbed “Stormy,” the art piece is the embodiment of the group’s rallying cry to Storm the Midterms. Constructed of 48 feet of tie-dyed nylon fabric, pvc piping and tulle, Stormy towered over marchers and, consisting of three breaking waves and was visible for many blocks.

A banner preceded Stormy and invited marchers to help us Storm the Midterms and provided a link:

How you can get involved

We are convinced that we have the power to stand up for the American values of opportunity, responsibility, integrity, and equality and we have focused our efforts on November's midterm elections.

Find out how to join us to Storm the Midterms.


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