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Support the ACLU,  Declutter and Enjoy a Delightful SE Portland Store

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

The Spark of the Idea

Since the presidential election, I have been exploring how I could best combine my values, skills and inclinations to contribute positively to my community and my world.

Village Merchant: Delightful Resale

I became aware that while many people feel an intense desire to DO SOMETHING(!) many also aren’t sure where to direct their energies, and may have limited time, money and/or emotional energy to devote to the causes they most want to protect and promote. So, I have been brainstorming ways to help myself and others contribute in ways that are both do-able, and hopefully, even enjoyable - to combine social action with renewing experiences (of fun, beauty, humor, joy etc) that would help to breathe fresh life into our flickering emotional/spiritual “pilot lights” and help those flames burn brightly as they light our path forward.

Four Joys

I have long shopped and consigned at Village Merchants, which is a fun, fun, fun!!! store on 41st and SE Division in Portland. As a result of my “social action” brainstorming, I have just set up a new consignment account at Village Merchants on behalf of the ACLU, which anyone can contribute to.

Basically, you would clear out some nice items in good condition that you aren’t using (joy #1 - clear some clutter from your home). You would bring those items in to Village Merchants

for them to re-sell or donate, telling them it is for the ACLU account. (joys #2, #3 and #4: let someone else enjoy the stuff you weren’t using, donate to a good cause if Village Merchants can’t sell it, best of all, help ACLU if Village Merchants can sell it!)

They carry a broad range of things including clothes, furniture, kitchen and gardening equipment, home decor, books, craft supplies, CD’s/DVD’s…. check out their website for more info.

How to Participate

Before bringing stuff in, please review their guidelines for consigners.

They are so popular that their parking lot is often full, so you may have to walk a block or two with your “stuff.” When you bring items in, you may be asked, “for consignment”? (answer: “yes") and “donate or returns?” (answer: “donate”).

Warning: Irresistible Temptation Likely!

Be prepared, once you’re in there you will probably be irresistibly drawn to browse, and maybe, buy…. (FYI, if you see a price tag or label with the letters “AMEN” or ACLU on it, that means the consignment proceeds from that sale will go to ACLU.)

Please share this information widely!

Big thanks to Village Merchants - please drop by to thank them, donate generously and shop to support this store!

For ideas on how you can help to promote the account and spread the word, see:

Added note by author: “I am not an affiliated entity with the ACLU. This is an independent effort donating proceeds.”


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