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Raphael House: Nasty Women Get Shit Done’s Latest $5K Donation

Nasty Women Molly Lee, Marcia Alvar, Ali King and Kirsten Hunter met with Amanda Ives (Raphael House Development Manager) to present our latest donation

Nasty Women Molly Lee, Marcia Alvar, Ali King and Kirsten Hunter met with Amanda Ives (Raphael House Program Director) to present our latest donation.

The Nasty Women were recently engaged in what felt like a covert operation. We were given instructions to arrive at our destination in a single vehicle, instructed not write the address and destination name down on a single piece of paper, to not share the location with anyone we knew. Once there, we were asked not to take photos with our phones because of the geolocation information embedded in the photos.

Our destination? Raphael House.

Our mission? To drop off a $5,000 check, money raised from the sales of “In Our America” yard signs.

Raphael House was the latest recipient of funds from Nasty Women Get Shit Done, who pledge to donate to local organizations that support the values on our flag. On that day, we were honoring the value that “Women are in charge of their bodies” by supporting a group that is dedicated to supporting those who have been victims of domestic violence.

The secrecy was to ensure that the shelter remains a safe sanctuary for those who need it.

Once inside the security, we found ourselves in a beautiful, inviting space that Amanda Ives, Development Manager, was happy to show to us.

Among many other services, Raphael House offers emergency shelter to adults and children. While (of course) we weren’t allowed to view the eleven private rooms they offer to survivors, we were allowed to view some of the common areas and offices. We were impressed by the brightly decorated areas full of books and toys and in which individuals and families learn how to rebuild their lives free from violence. A pantry offers shampoo, soap, tampons and other personal care items that their clients are allowed to choose from freely.

Everything was light and inviting. Shepard Fairey’s work and other life-affirming prints graced the walls and we were thrilled to see “In Our America” prints in several languages alongside the other artwork.

As we walked, Amanda told us more about some of Raphael House’s work and goals:

  • Each year, 130 adults and children are given refuge in their emergency shelter where they are offered safety planning and advocacy with the goal of being placed in permanent housing.

  • Their Advocacy Center provide access to support groups, counseling and other services to provide a pathway to a successful life.

  • Prevention programs partner with communities to provide education and outreach with the goal to end domestic violence.

It was incredibly humbling to have the staff greet us eagerly and have them tell us how life-affirming it was for them to see our yard signs spring up all over Portland.

In return, we were thrilled to be able to be able to do something that could help support their important work.

Raphael House took our promise of a $5,000 donation and created a campaign that allowed their supporters have their donations matched with ours, which effectively doubled our contribution.

The funds are raised largely from the sale of "In Our America" yard signs, which are sold at local Portland stores and online.

We left Raphael House with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to continue our work to support organizations like theirs.

For more about Raphael House and learn how you can support their goals, visit their website.


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