• Molly Lee

Happy Birthday Medicare!

On July 30th I helped celebrate Medicare's 52nd birthday with a call for Single-Payer/Improved Medicare for All. The celebration started in the North Park Blocks and that group marched to the party at Skidmore Fountain. Since it was Saturday (Sunday) Market day, we got more exposure than just the regulars.

I wandered the market, as did others, in my red "Healthcare is a Human Right" T-shirt, and the nurse puppet wandered too before we joined the arriving marchers.

As people passed by to enter the market, they were offered small cupcakes and could hear bits of speeches. Some stayed to listen.

One speaker was State Senator Dembrow, who has introduced legislation for a statewide single payer for the last several years. This year, he told us, has seen the bill get 35 co-sponsors.

Speakers stood by the big model cake, itself an attention getter.

And the Raging Grannies sang "This plan is my plan, this plan is your plan . . ." to the tune of "This Land is My Land." As always, their lyric were amazing, but my memory didn't hold onto them all.

For more information on single payer healthcare in general and plans for Oregon in specific, go to the Healthcare for All Oregon website.

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