• Molly Lee

RESIST- with a cocktail

The day the Republican “health care” bill passed in the house, I immediately gave a small donation to Swing Left, an organization that will give money to Democrats in swingable districts in the 2018 election. But, I wanted to give more. I also wanted to try my hand at making some fancy appetizers, inspired by watching The Best British Baking Show. My friend Jane had been talking about reviving our tradition of having monthly cocktail parties. It all came together. "I'll host the cocktail party," I texted Jane. "And it will be a benefit for Swing Left and Planned Parenthood. I'll make fancy appetizers!" She swiftly agreed, and our friend Lori came on board, too.

It wasn't that hard. I had to clean up my house, but you know, it needed a good cleaning anyway. I made gougeres, which are kind of savory popovers. They tasted of Parmesan and gruyere and chives from my garden, and the judges on my baking show would have loved them. Jane decorated a cigar box that guests could put their money in. Lori was the bartender, working the martini shaker like a pro, while still managing to make charming conversation with our guests. It was great to come together in person with like-minded people I really enjoy, and to end up with a nice pile of cash to give to good causes. I think that if you enjoy entertaining, you might want to give this a try. It doesn't even have to be cocktails. Have a barbecue for the ACLU. An ice cream social for the Southern Poverty Law Center. A pie party for Basic Rights Oregon.

Some tips: charge a cover for an agreed-ahead amount of stuff, say, 2 cocktails and unlimited hors d'oeuvres. We charged on a sliding scale. We didn't want people to have to refuse the invitation because they couldn't afford it, but most guests gave the higher amount. DO make a box where people can deposit money themselves. You don't want to be counting out change- you want to socialize. Have the event with friends, so you can help each other. Be prepared for a lot of people, because I think that like my friends, your friends might really like this idea and want to support it.

The cherry on the cake, or should I say the olive in the martini? Planned Parenthood gives you the option of making your donation in someone's honor, and then they make sure that person gets notified. You're welcome, Mitch McConnell!




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