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Welcome Blankets for Refugees

Get your knitting needles out! Or crochet hooks. Or if you are a quilter, your rotary cutter and ruler. Weavers, thread your looms. For the Welcome Blanket Project.

Founders of the Pussyhat project have moved on to coordinating welcome blankets for refugees. What if, instead of 2000 miles of concrete wall we made 2000 miles of welcome blankets? They have done the math and made a goal of a "line of yarn," 3,500,640 yards of blankets, to welcome instead of exclude. (Quilts will be calculated as square yards of fabric instead of lengths of yarn.) The blankets will first be displayed as part of an installation at the Smart Museum of Art of the University of Chicago. The installation will open as an empty room in July and the exhibit will grow as blankets are received. Then, after the installation closes, blankets will be sent to groups resettling refugees. Essential details Blankets are to be 40 x 40 inches. They can be made in pieces by individuals and assembled or all of one piece by a single person. They can be any pattern, but for convenience, there are patterns on the website. Make something you would want to receive. Washable is preferred.

Include a note of welcome. There are suggestions for notes on the FAQ page (I'd not have thought of including my family's immigration story without the suggestion.)

Deadline is September 5, 2017, but start sending as soon as blankets are finished for the growing exhibit. Address WELCOME BLANKET Smart Museum of Art 5550 S Greenwood Av Chicago IL 60637 USA

Those interested in some sort of group participation, contact me (the sooner, the better) at clairealex [at] gmail [dot] com and we'll figure out how to proceed when we see what our numbers and talents are.

#welcomerefugees #makeadifference

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