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Retail Spotlight: Comic Cave PDX

If you are a fan of comic books you must check out our retail partner Comic Cave. They opened in St. Johns in 2015. They have been distributing "In Our America" merchandise since Pam Lyons saw them and urged her husband of 20 years, Doug O'Loughlin, to sell them at the Comic Cave.

Doug describes the Comic Cave space as a storefront downstairs with an upstairs space "for events and classes, Game of Thrones watch parties, sell back issues and comic supplies such as boxes, bags, and backing boards."

Saturday May 6th they will be participating in Free Comic Book Day. This is a national event with hundreds of stores participating. They'll be open from 10:30- 6 that day so stop in and grab a free comic book and check out the store.

We got a chance to ask them about their experience selling "In Our America" merchandise...

What’s the most memorable interaction you’ve had with someone because of the signs? In general I think it's just the excitement from folks who saw one somewhere and didn't realize there was a place to get them on this side of town. One gentlemen seemed like he was on hard times and didn't want to take a pay-it-forward or sliding scale so he left, but came back a week later and bought a yard sign (declined the frame) and said he would proudly tack it up on his apartment door. I also have a few customers who have identified themselves as Trump voters as politics come up (this comes with the territory in a comic shop that there are different opinions), and we have respectful discussions. I've often wondered if they would make comments about me selling the signs but they don't, even after it's on my Facebook page who we donated to, or a sale occurs right in front of them. I think that's a testament to the fact that the In Our America message is hard to argue with. What’s your favorite stripe on the flag graphic and why? Immigrants and refugees are welcome. My Irish ancestors only go back about 2-3 generations. We have a son who is adopted from Central America and we performed several extra steps that folks don't always do (re-adopt in Multnomah County, etc.), to make sure he is a US citizen and holds a US passport. It pains me to think with these executive orders that someone could still give him a hard time while travelling. It's the opposite of our American values.

Is your business involved in any other social justice projects/fundraisers? We are full members of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, support independent publishing when folks bring in their homemade zines or comics. Otherwise just heavily involved in the St. Johns community, donate gift certificates to the local schools for events, collection cans are out for the St. Johns Parade which is short on funds this year, etc. We are getting comic classes going and hope to establish scholarships or sliding scale structures.

Comic Cave PDX

7315 N. Alta Ave


Tuesday-Friday 10:30-6, Saturday 10:30-4

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