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Retail Spotlight: Wells and Verne

When NWGSDPDX first started slinging these signs around town we were selling to the group, and friends, and people on Next Door. I quickly got the idea that we needed to have some businesses partner with us to help distribute so that people could actually walk in during "business hours" and get one. Chris Lang, at Wells and Verne was happy to oblige.

Wells and Verne opened in 2012 in Sellwood and relocated to their current E. Burnside location in 2016.

Walking into Wells and Verne is like walking into an art project of nu-goth fashion, it's a modern reality of Portland Goth, mixed with a little neo-Victorian/steampunk. If you like counterculture in your closet or you want some art to offend your neighbor, you're in luck.

Taking the name from H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, they carry clothing, accessories, jewelry and have a rotating art show. Many of their lines are local handmade items and some are made by national and international craftspersons. You can be sure, that everything is unique and adds to your personal fashion statement. Need a gift for a funky friend? This is the place to shop.

What’s the most memorable interaction you've had with someone because of the signs?

I met a woman from Lake Oswego who provides therapy to police officers in her area. She shared she is concerned for her two adopted children of color with the political climate. We had a great conversation and that's what these signs have done, let us talk about positive ways to combat greed and the lack of morality in the White House and US government.

What’s your favorite stripe on the flag graphic and why? Black Lives Matter. After watching 13th, the award winning documentary, I'm happy to see that the line did not get changed to All or Blue...

Is your business involved in any other social justice projects/fundraisers? We are part of National Grab Back and we are active in our Business District-CEID.

Photos by TravelingJulie

Wells and Verne

734 E Burnside, Portland, OR 97214


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