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Retail Spotlight: Waterknot

Waterknot is the letterpress, design and illustration studio and retail shop of husband and wife team Josh Nusbaum and Jenn Pagliaro. They founded Waterknot in 2006 with the mission to “design a better world.”

They were one of the first locations to start selling "In Our America" yard signs, posters and stickers and I got a chance to talk to them about their business and about their experience selling the signs.

What is the most memorable interaction you've had with someone because of the signs?

"We have had so many lovely connections with the myriad of folks who have come to our shop to purchase these signs, posters and stickers but the most memorable interactions have been with people from all around the country contacting us via email to purchase them. We loved hearing their stories, which varied only slightly….they were in republican-dense neighborhoods, counties and states and wanted to make their voice heard. They wanted to be a beacon of hope in all of the crazy that surrounded them. They gave us hope and still do."

What’s your favorite stripe on the flag graphic and why? "Josh and I feel that all of them are equally important and represent a vision of how we hope the world will be. But, if we have to choose, we think we would say ‘Love Wins’ because besides the hokey-pokey, that’s really what it’s all about."

Is your business involved in any other social justice projects/fundraisers?

"Waterknot launched a series of Raise Your Voice Super PAKs (postcard action kits) shortly after the inauguration. Super PAKs are boxed sets of 18 multicolored eye-catching postcards (3 each of 6 designs) that are specifically designed to make it easy for you to engage in your democracy by sending a quick postcard to your elected officials. Thus far, we have created an Earn My Vote collection, a Thank You Collection and more recently, a Women’s Equality Collection (stay tuned for the Environmental Collection due out this month).

We love that we are able to play our part in helping to bring forth change in this crazy political climate. Elected officials actually do listen to their constituents because they rely on our votes to keep their jobs and we know that taking even small actions (like telling your member of congress what's important) is a real cure for feeling helpless in the midst of uncertain times.

What feels super important to us is that we also donate up to 35% of Super PAK gross sales to organizations working for social justice and the environment. Since February we have given to: The ACLU, The Anti Defamation League, Growing Gardens, Basic Rights Oregon and The Climate Reality Project.

In addition, Super PAKs make a fantastic fundraiser. We offer special pricing for groups that want to fundraise with Super PAKs. Groups can get up to a 50% return when they sell Super PAKs in person (or 35% if you sell them online)."

Do your own fundraiser

Check out their website

If you're downtown, stop in and see them and check out their postcards and their fantastic assortment of original cards and gift items.



217 SW 1st Ave, Portland, OR 97204



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