• Molly Lee

New Revenues for Oregon

Daily Action

The 2017 Oregon Legislature is facing a large budget shortfall: about $1.8 billion dollars over the next two years. The shortfall, which comes despite a growing Oregon economy, is due in large part to a reduction in federal funds for Medicaid and long-standing PERS commitments.

For decades, Oregon has chronically underfunded schools and key public services. Now, if the legislature is unable to come up with additional revenue sources, Oregon will likely need to make additional cuts to schools, low-income support services, veterans and seniors. This coupled with a general uncertainty around funding levels from Washington, DC, could leave our most vulnerable Oregonians at risk.

Educate yourself or others


  1. Call your Oregon State Senator and let them know you support new revenue options for Oregon to ensure fiscal stability and protect the most vulnerable Call list of senators

  2. Attend the Hearing 3/9 on HB2006 that would cap the State Oregon Mortgage Interest Deduction on Oregon Taxes. Download more information on HB2006


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