We created the "In Our America" graphic to put an affirmative message into the world. The message has resonated and sales of yard signs and other merchandise have allowed us to donate generously to organizations that support the values on the flag (more than $180,000 so far). Just as importantly, seeing these yard signs in so many of our neighborhoods has made our city feel more inclusive and welcoming


We want to spread the love and offer other groups a chance to raise some money and to share this message in other communities, so we created some fundraising opportunities.  


Use our yard signs and/or window signs to fundraise for your favorite non-profit organization, candidate, or progressive group.

Buy them at wholesale prices and watch how the “In Our America” message can

make a difference in your community. 


  • Yard Signs (22” x 14”, includes shipping and metal stands, minimum order of 50):

       $8 each (resell for $10-$15 each)


  • Window Signs (17” x 11”, includes shipping, does not come with metal stands,  

       perfect for apartments and rallies, minimum order of 50):

       $5 each (resell for $8-$10 each) 


We will post info about your location on the SHOP page of our website and will promote your location

via social media and email newsletter.

Please complete our interest form: