Introducing "In Our America, Love Wins!"

Over the years, we have accomplished so much together. We've harnessed the energy of thousands of Nasties for effective political activism and, by selling "In Our America" merchandise, we've been able to donate more than $200k to wonderful organizations supporting the values on our flag.


This much energy could not be contained in a single group any longer. Nasty Women Get Shit Done will now be TWO groups. We have closed our 501(c)4 and gifted our assets to a newly formed nonprofit called "In Our America, Love Wins" and a new grassroots activism group that will be using our social media connections. 

Get Familiar with The New Nonprofit!

Your emails and merchandise alerts will soon be coming from "In Our America Love Wins". Check out the new website and opt in to the new email list early by signing up for the newsletter. 

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